Sunday, October 11, 2009

La Cuisine Tex-Mex

I'm going to make quesadillas for my family later this week, and so yesterday I went to the grocery store with Hervé to get the ingredients. It was...difficult.
  • I'm going to have to substitute lemon for lime in the guacamole.
  • Jalopeno? What's that? We'll see how my pimente verte compares...
  • Cheddar cheese is hard to find here. We finally spotted a few lonely blocks of it in the corner of the cheese display.
  • Black beans are an Exotic Food. I'm not even kidding. First we looked in the bean aisle, which was full of chickpeas and fava beans and red beans, etc. Hervé asked me if I was sure that black beans weren't the same as red beans/that black beans really existed. (They aren't, and they do.) I shrugged and said I could omit them from the quesadillas, and we continued on to the exotic food aisle for my tortillas (which are...well preserved. I'm pretty sure they could survive an atomic bomb.). And lo, I beheld some cans of black beans hidden behind the taco seasoning. I was thrilled. A year with no black beans was seeming kind of gloomy. So now there are some exotic black beans in the pantry. The labels are in Spanish and everything.

Come back next week to learn the outcome of the dinner.
There'll also be another First Day of School post (sigh) sometime soon.

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  1. haha black beans are exotic?!
    and u could of subsitute cheddar cheese for some fancy french cheese!