Monday, October 5, 2009

Centre Pompidou

(This post is a non sequitur.)

Last Wednesday I went to the Centre Pompidou with the American boy whom my (ex-)liaison was hosting. IT WAS SO COOL. (It's a modern art museum in Paris.) There was an exhibit featuring female artists, and at the entrance to the exhibit they had changed the names of some famous artists. Andy --> Annie Warhol, Jean --> Jeanne Nouvel. And I liked the art. I don't always, but that day I was in a suitable art-viewing mood. My favorite part was this video that was being projected on the floor of the sky and stuff (I'm being inarticulate, I know). So American Boy and I decided to lie down on the projection screen (it was allowed) and listen to the accompanying soothing music. It was very peaceful.

Also it was free for students, which is fairly normal in France (10 points for Socialism).


  1. Is France socialist? I did not know that.

  2. Sarcasm? Yes? No?

    If yes: We need a special font for sarcasm. Because it didn't come through.

    If no: Well, no, not officially. But yes, it is.

  3. Hey Lucie...your mom just sent your blog address. I have enjoyed catching up with you thru reading this. I loved the socialist part of Germany when I lived there FYI and all the cultural differences, i.e. how they looked at American current events. I was homesick at first as well, don't know if you knew but I lived in a dorm, Pops and Poppy lived too far from the school. First few months I cried a lot and wanted to visit with them. Then I think I took a weekend trip to Paris with a friend, and I never looked back. I'm in French and German class myself right now so I'm sort of with you in spirit.

    Have a great time as being in Europe is a grand event! Scott and I hope to travel there this June and hope to see you if possible.