Friday, April 2, 2010

Le Foot et le Salon du Livre

On Wednesday afternoon I played soccer (le foot) with my little host brother. The sun was shining, the flowers were blooming, and the wind was gusting: a typical March day. It was fun, even if Hugo does run circles around me. I've only ever played on a soccer team once, last year, and Hugo, while not professional, has clearly had some intense training during recess at school.

He can lift the ball into the air with his foot, put spin on it, and head it into the goal. I'm Inspired. I like baseball/softball better, but for the moment, I'm in France, and so soccer shall be my substitute.

Remarque: If I talk about le foot, people tend to think I mean le foot américain. And thoughtful people are always trying to spell my name L-U-C-Y. It's nice of them to be considerate of my Americanness, I guess, but I wish they'd spell my name right.

On another subject, I got to go to the Salon du Livre in Paris, which is a huge convention of publishers and authors and things. Do those exist in America? I hope so. Because it was cool. I loved the atmosphere (so book-y), and I got to meet my new favorite author (!), who happened to be there signing books. In case anyone cares, he's Jean-Michel Guenassia, author of Le Club des Incorrigibles Optimistes. My host family gave the book to me for Christmas, and I loved every one of its seven-hundred-and-something pages. The story was beautiful.