Thursday, October 22, 2009

In Which I Talk a Lot without Saying Anything

I'm not in the mood to organize, so this is just going to be drivel. (I love that word, even when it applies to my writing.) But anyway, I'm sorry.

First thing: I successfully made quesadillas, guacamole, and pico de gallo for my host family. Successfully-ish. I think they liked them? But they didn't have any idea how to eat them. No, you don't use a fork and knife, and no, you don't eat the guacamole by itself. (I corrected them on the former but not on the latter.) A pimente vert turned out to be about as spicy as oatmeal...I thought. I tasted it and barely detected anything resembling a spicy flavor. Soooo I got kind of lazy with the whole mincing thing and just chopped it into pieces.

The Difference between Texas and France: When I got a bite with a piece of piment, I appreciated the (mild) heat. When my host family got bites of piment, they had coughing fits. Oops.

And at the end of the meal Laurent asked me if we put ketchup on quesadillas in America. I tried not to laugh too hard. Yay stereotypes...

But other than the above, it was a success.


In other news, remember that test that I thought I failed? If you don't, you can refer to the previous post, but anyway, assuming you do: I didn't fail! I got a 13/20, which mathematically translates to a 65% in America, but the grades don't work that way. Proof 1: The teacher explained the grading system to me by saying a 14/20 in History is very good. Proof 2: The class average was 12/20. So I didn't fail. And the teacher said I have a bonne expression écrite.

This is all just because I bothered to analyse the given text instead of regurgitating what the teacher had dictated, which is apparently what my classmates did. But I was happy. My expression orale will be better (and by better I mean comprehensible) soon, I hope.

That's enough for now. The nutella is calling from the kitchen and I have a poème en prose to write for French class...I know. It doesn't seem possible to me either.

P.S. The title was an allusion to a Talking Heads song. 10 points if you noticed.


  1. omg omg omg!!!

    firstly, i love the new layout & great title too!!!

    secondly, i really enjoy your writing, you're very talented & express with personality

    thirdly, lucie, i think you live close to france, i mean. i think we're going to see each other on nov. 28...if you have something AFS-y planned for that day, perhaps in Paris? then i think we might see each other again!!!

    an rather anonymous occasional, but faithful reader,


  2. Cultural differences are funny! I love on how they didn't know how to eat a quesadilla!
    plus i didn't get the allusion to the talking head song, but by the way we listen to there song quite often in art, its like one a day! plus YAY! nutella! and I just found out i don't like capers :/