Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I was there.

So. On the 26 septembre, there was an AFS Flashmob in Paris. It was theoretically a protest against a French law against going on exchange or something, but I never really found out the specifics. What I do know is that I am assez fan of these flashmob-things, which involve dancing spontaneously in public places (in this case Montmartres).

Here's the link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwkoqRVTdEk

(I can't tell you which one I am because I don't have a particular desire to be stalked. But I'm there, I promise.)

In other news, today was my first day of school. I started at 10:25 am (which was excellent) with an hour of math (which was not excellent). Well, the teacher was nice, and I understood what he was teaching, more or less, but I have a month of catching up to do. So after I post this I'll be teaching myself Chapter 12 of the textbook...The teacher at my old school started with Chapter 1, logically enough, but here I think they're starting that chapter tomorrow, after having learned Chapter 12. Oh well. At least it's the same book.

Then I had an hour of French. The teacher is, um, dynamique. She's very small and very intimidating. And...I have a whole bunch of Baudelaire-studying to do to be ready for the Bac de Français, which I'm going to take at the end of the year. Blah.

After that I ate lunch with 2 classmates. And what a difference. The food here is fantastic. It's a lunch line as opposed to table service, and the food is a LOT better. Today it was Moroccan-spiced lamb with couscous. I love the French. (CULTURE SHOCK HONEYMOON PHASE HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGED.)

After lunch I took (read: failed) a history test on the Industrial Revolution, but I don't think I failed it that badly. (...You know you're an exchange student when you differentiate between levels of failing.)

Then I had a second hour of history in which I answered a question with the name Lenin and was told, No, the answer is Lénine. I'm not even kidding. They change the spelling and everything.

My last class was 2 hours of TPE. I joined a group that's researching something about penicilline, which hopefully won't be too hard. But instead of doing actual work we participated in another group's experiment about the conductivity of the human body. You can guess how scientific that turned out to be...it was a lot of shocking people and screaming.

So yeah. It was a good day.


  1. I love the video! I can only imagine that you, the Texan, taught the group the Cotton Eyed Joe! This is so superior to grouchy American protests.
    And love the blog, too. Can't wait to find out how the Tex-Mex-Francaise dinner turns out...
    We're thinking of you on this great adventure!
    Paulette and the rest of Eva's family

  2. I know which one you were...

  3. Hey Lucie! I just wanted to ask how you know exactly how my week has gone =P Maybe not the new school, but the different levels of failing are pretty much my life at the moment! (Did you pass? Uhh, no...I didn't understand a word of the text VS Uhh, no... I just single handedly massacred the french Grammar system). I also have a very little, very intimidating teacher (who also happens to be pregnant, which makes her even scarier. She critiques the French kids on their prononciation when ready aloud. Umm.... yeah. I'm not reading aloud any time soon). And I'm def still in culture shock. I'll be walking down the hall and overhear a private conversation in French and be like "Woah! They speak French! I wonder if I could understand it?".... and THEN I'll remember that I'm in France...

    Haha, but yeah, I <3 your blog =)


  4. hahah the video!