Friday, December 4, 2009


I recently learned the word sadique, which (semi-obviously) means sadistic, and I'm pleased to have an opportunity to use it.

Here's the background info:

1. There are a lot of kids in my school who finish at the same time I do.
2. Of those kids, it seems like at least half of them have to take the same bus I do.
3. There is not enough space in the bus to stand comfortably and I always wind up with the ticket machine jamming into my kidney and someone's backpack in my face, or some such position, and that's if I manage to get in the bus. (It's cold and so no, waiting for the next one is not an option.)

Today I had the pleasure of standing near the driver (and nearly crushing an old lady, which I felt bad about until she started pushing me to make more space for herself [and she already had plenty], but anyway). As we lurched along the road, I swear to you the driver was grinning. He took the turns faster than necessary and sped up on the downhill parts, and I and my kidney did NOT appreciate it. But I'm in France, and so it's not all bad. A learning experience about what happens when you mix little medieval roads with big modern buses.

...So that's the story of the conducteur sadique. A little anticlimactic, I know, but I got to say sadique. I like that word.

It was a good day.


  1. haha, you make me smile. I get so excited sometimes when I get to use a new French word.

    and by the way, my bus driver speeds up a lot lately too!! It's kind of scary sometimes, but I think it's because everyone on my bus kind of picks on him because he has a German accent.

    (I'm glad to be American!)

  2. haha! I hope your kidney is ok!