Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Small Thing and a Big Thing

Small Thing: Today I got an 11 out of 20 on my history quiz, which is not bad considering I don't speak French like a French person. I was so proud. 3 points were lost because I miscomprehended a verb (Is that a word? It should be.), and another point disappeared because I didn't know that espace is masculine. So all in all, I think I dominated that quiz.

Big Thing: ...I'm in the process of changing host families. I won't go into the reasons why, except to say that it's not their fault any more than it is mine. So right now it's AWKWARD chez moi. But I like school, so it almost balances out. Almost.


  1. Basically, that quiz is now terrified of you. But come on, Lucie, everyone knows that "espace" is masculine. I woke up this morning, and thought to myself, hmmm. Espace is DEFINITELY a masculine word. And anyone who doesn't know that is very, very silly.

    Just kidding.

    Good luck changing host families!

  2. Bon courage! Ça va aller mieux, j'en suis sûr. J'attends tes dernières nouvelles avec enthousiasme.
    M. J

  3. I wouldn't know ecsape is masculine! but i don't speak french! lol and OMG!!!! ur changing host families?! sam, domom, robin and I were talking about it at lunch! u have to tell us why?! but if not i understand! plus u think grammar in french is hard! I think grammar in english is the worst! whom or whomever! who cares!
    p.s i found a new love for korean music! i'm OBSSESED with it!
    plus I hope u have luck changing host families!

  4. Nike- I told Robin why in an email (no favoritism here, just that there was already an email of hers that I hadn't responded to. Killing two birds with one stone, and all that.) You can ask her, ok?