Sunday, August 30, 2009

You must be so excited.

People keep telling me that I'm excited. Usually I just agree (it's easier), but I'm really not excited.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I'm going. But I'm not excited. How do I explain this?

Ah, a simile. Going on exchange is like waking up alive tomorrow. I like being alive, but generally, if someone said to you, "You must be so excited to wake up alive tomorrow," you would disagree. People are happy to be alive. Grateful, if they're the religious sort. But it is very hard to muster genuine excitement for something that seems so inevitable.

I hope that made sense.

Until next time, faithful readers,


  1. i'm stunned! that is EXACTLY how i feel. today is the day before departure; i'll be at the airport in exactly 24h & i'm more excited to go to my grandparents' house right now. it's quite an unusual & unexpected feeling but you explain it well with your simile. :) at least i know i'm not the only one feeling this way now!

    hope to see you soon,


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  3. Ack! My first comment had an error-
    I felt the same way when I left for Spain. I oddly felt very little of any emotion the day before I left.
    Ironically, I also probably told you how excited you must have been. It's an accepted norm in society to say such things.
    We do miss you sincerely though!
    Have you received my letter?

  4. Hey Robinlh,

    Do you have a blog at all?

    I'm going to Spain in Jan 10, and would love to read your experience to going to Spain?