Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm going to France!

OK, so I have no idea how to write a blog, but I'm supposed to blog about my French experience since AFS is giving me scholarship money, which leads me to my first point of order: Thank you very much to whoever donated the money.

Second point of order: I'm going to France, through AFS, which is an exchange program.

Third point of order: I'm leaving in September to do my junior year of high school in France, and I am very, very excited, but I don't know who my host family will be yet.

Now that I'm going to France for sure (unless my mom changes her mind...but she won't, I don't think), I keep thinking of all these ridiculous things to worry about (and they are ridiculous--stuff like what if I can't think of anything to say when I first meet my host family, or what if I start craving peanut butter and I can't get any).

The other day my french teacher told me "Tu vas rever en francais" (you're going to dream in french). That's going to be weird.


  1. I'll send you peanut butter, Lucie.

    (ps. nice blog name. i bet someone really creative and ingenious- nay, brilliant- thought of it.)

  2. I remember when i was in england! i saw no peanut butter! not sure if its the same in france. HAHAHAH!!!!!!!!! that would be wierd if you dream in french! :O :P
    You writing sounds so...whats the word..very LUCIE! i'm not sure what that means but I tried?!
    (p.s. I know how u hate when people write in text form( not writing in full letters and words) but is so easier!) forgive me Lucie!
    - Random Dancing Nike :)